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Points to Be Noted in Electromagnetic Flowmeter Engineering Application 3

Jun. 24, 2020

12. Installation location. The electromagnetic flowmeter can be installed vertically and horizontally, but it is recommended to install vertically and the measured fluid flows from bottom to top. It can also be installed horizontally, but the two electrodes should be on the same level. When installing horizontally, ensure that the measuring tube is filled with liquid at all times. When the main pipeline is a vertical pipeline, under normal circumstances, the water flow is required to be bottom-up, try not to top-down. The latter is likely to cause relatively large flow fluctuations. In addition to the full pipe installation, this is also very important, followed by the distance of the straight pipe before and after. Choose a place that is convenient for maintenance and activities. The flowmeter should be installed at the rear end of the pump, never on the suction side: the valve should be installed on the downstream side of the flow.

13. Because the electromagnetic flowmeter measures a weak electric potential, it is necessary to eliminate all external interference to accurately measure, so good grounding is a necessary condition to ensure the stable operation of the electromagnetic flowmeter. Generally, grounding is achieved through the grounding ring or the reference electrode in the sensor and the grounding connection of the piping system.

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

14. The installation location of the flowmeter should be far away from all magnetic sources (such as high-power motors, transformers, etc.).

15. Like other flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeters also have a protection level, usually the integrated protection level is IP65, and the split type is IP68 (for the sensor). If the customer has requirements for the installation environment of the instrument, the installation location is in an underground shady well. Or some other damp places, it is recommended that customers choose split type. In order to avoid damage caused by wrong selection.

16. Electromagnetic flowmeter can measure corrosive liquids, but the customer should provide other measurement media properties at the beginning of ordering to avoid errors in electrode selection during selection, which leads to the sensor being scrapped in the later use process, bringing inconvenience and economy to the customer on the loss.

17. Although the electromagnetic flowmeter is relatively reliable, it will not be damaged under normal circumstances, but due to its principle, the sensor electrode surface has been in contact with the liquid for a long time, and the electrode surface is more likely to be contaminated. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the electromagnetic flowmeter is recommended to be removed and cleaned once a year and a year and a half to ensure the measurement accuracy of the whole flowmeter. Any instrumentation requires "maintenance", and electromagnetic flowmeters are no exception.

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