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Mass Flow Meter Installation Process

Oct. 14, 2020

The mass flow meter is the most accurate meter with the lowest installation requirements in the existing industrial production. Because it can directly detect the quality, density, and temperature of the medium flowing through the measuring tube inside the meter, there is no strict layer on the flow state of the medium. Flow requirements, so there is no requirement for straight pipe sections for the pipelines before and after the flowmeter during the installation process. Just like the regulating valve, it can be installed arbitrarily, which greatly facilitates on-site construction and installation.

Various shapes of mass flow meters

Mass flow meters have various shapes, but their internal structures are almost the same. They basically consist of two U-shaped measuring tubes. Three coils are installed at the bottom and left and right sides between the two measuring tubes. The bottom coil is an excitation coil. The two coils on the left and right measure the mass and the density. In addition, a thermal resistance is buried inside the measuring tube to detect the temperature of the medium.

Mass Flow Meter

Details of the installation process

Since the mass flowmeter can detect the density of the medium in real time, without artificially setting a constant density of the medium, the detection value of the mass flowmeter is accurate and reliable, and the construction and installation are simple and convenient.

1. Although the mass flowmeter has no requirements for the pipes before and after the flowmeter during construction and installation, some details should be paid attention to during the installation process;

2. It is necessary to ensure that the front and back process flanges of the flowmeter are welded concentrically, so as to eliminate the additional torque caused by the flanges not being concentric during the installation process, and reduce the use error of the mass flowmeter;

3. Also pay attention to some supporting construction process, especially the influence of eccentric torsion and additional stress on the operation of the flowmeter during the laying of heating wire;

4. Although the mass flowmeter measures the tube inside the shell, the external stress can still generate additional errors that cannot be measured, such as the fixed wire with hot wire in the figure, and deformation caused by the influence of temperature during recovery operation, resulting in a random change of stress superposition;

5. The laying of the heating wire should also be separated from the mass flow meter to prevent the asymmetric stress caused by the thermal expansion of the heating wire and the excessive conductive heat from affecting the medium temperature detection of the mass flow meter.

The above information is provided by flow instrument factory.

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