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What Are the Installation Specifications for Vortex Flowmeters?

Dec. 17, 2020

The selection and use of current flowmeters involves many different types and specifications. Through understanding of the installation specifications of vortex flowmeters, it can be seen that current flowmeters have intelligent, universal and standardized application requirements. The vortex flowmeter products produced by vortex flow meter manufacturers not only have a certain aesthetics, but also have higher accuracy and efficiency in real applications. So what are the installation specifications for vortex flowmeters?

Refer to the instructions for use

In the product packaging and operating instructions of the vortex flowmeter, there will be certain instructions for the installation and use of the flowmeter, so the installation should be carried out in the correct way to avoid the use problems caused by the wrong installation method. When installing and using a vortex flowmeter, you need to have a detailed understanding of the installation and use of the product.

Adapt to environmental requirements

During the installation of the vortex flowmeter, there must be no strong magnetic interference or strong vibration around the site. In the application of other equipment, strong vibrations may occur at the installation site, which is not in compliance with the actual installation specifications. , So the application of related facilities must be effectively processed before installation.

The effect of temperature

If in the actual installation process, excessive high temperature or low temperature occurs, it will have an impact on the installation of the vortex flowmeter. In order to install and use the flowmeter in a more standardized manner, it is necessary to effectively deal with the temperature on site. First, maintain Perform installation operations at normal temperatures so that the standard requirements of the installation specifications can be met.

Vortex Natural Gas Flow Meter

Vortex natural gas flowmeter

JC-040 series intelligent precession vortex flowmeter adopts new micro-processing technology, powerful function, wide flow range, simple maintenance, easy installation and use. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, coal and other industries.

Advantages of natural gas vortex flow meter

1. Built-in pressure, temperature and flow sensors, high safety, compact structure and exquisite appearance.

2. Local indication of temperature, pressure, instantaneous flow and cumulative flow.

3. The use of a new signal processing amplifier and unique filtering technology can effectively eliminate interference signals generated by pressure fluctuations and pipeline vibration, greatly improving the anti-interference ability of the flowmeter, and has good small flow stability.

4. Special time indication and real-time data storage function; internal data will not be lost under any circumstances and will be stored permanently.

5. Password protection.

6. Low power consumption, internal battery power supply, no external power supply required.

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