Electric Actuated Ball Valve

Electric ball valve is mainly composed of an explosion-proof actuator and a ball valve. It is a ball valve with explosion proof electric actuator specially designed for use in flammable and explosive conditions.The electrical components on the electric actuated ball valve explosion proof are required to be fireproof and anti-static, and all meet the explosion-proof standards. I

Product Description

Electric Operated Ball Valve Stainless Steel

This valve is stainless steel material.The electric operated ball valve can be fully closed and fully opened by only rotating 90°.According to the classification of the application, the electric operated ball valve can be divided into electric on off ball valve and electric regulating ball valve.This electric ball valve stainless steel has the advantages of simple connection,compact structure,small size,light weight,small resistance, stable and reliable operation and so on.

Working principle 

the 2 inch electric ball valve is powered by DC24V, AC220V or AC380V power supply voltage, and directly receives the unified standard signal (4-20mA DC,0-10mA DC or 1-5V DC,0-10V DC),which is converted into the displacement corresponding to the input signal.The angular displacement (0 to 90°) moves to change the rotational opening of the valve ball, so a certain input signal corresponds to a certain position opening degree, and the proportional adjustment action is realized


1. This 2 inch electric ball valve can be installed at any angle;
2. Electric operated ball valve is equipped with emergency manual device;
3. The medium has no viscosity limitation and no flow restriction;
4. This electric ball valve is with visual valve position indication device;
5. Powerful function: on/off type, intelligent regulating type, proportional type,various signal output type;
6. Multiple speeds: 9 seconds,13 seconds,15 seconds,30 seconds,50 seconds,100 seconds,150 seconds (set before leaving factory);

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter for Electric Actuated Ball Valve 

Nominal DiameterDN15~DN250
Nominal PressurePN16,PN25,PN40,PN64
Connection Typeflanged connection
Valve Disc TypeO-shaped valve ball
Body MaterialWCB,stainless steel(304,316,316L)
Valve Ball Material2Cr13,stainless steel
Seal RingPTFE,PPL,alloy
Application TemperaturePTFE≤150℃,RTFE≤℃,PPL≤300℃,metal seal≤450℃
Flow Characteristicapproximate to quick open
Action Range0~90°

Power VoltageAC110V,AC220V,AC380V,etc.
Control Typeexplosion-proof on/off type,explosion-proof regulating type (4-20mA analog signal).
Protection LevelIP67,IP68
Explosion-proof GradeExdⅡBT4(CT6)
Signal Feedbacksource signal,S passive signal
With Heater (optional)dry the components inside the actuator in a humid environment
Manual FunctionElectric actuator is equipped with manual on/off device


Dimension for Electric Actuated Ball Valve

electric-actuated- ball-valve -with-explosion Proof Actuator.jpg


Note: below data is for soft seated electric actuated ball valve explosion proof. If you need metal seated or higher pressure explosion proof electric ball valve,please contact us.

How to order

How to order Electric Actuated Ball Valve with Explosion Proof Actuator

1. Size of ball valve 

2. Medium 

3. Working temperature and pressure 

4. Power supply : DC 24V , AV 100 V  , AC 220 V , AC 380 V  

5. Control type: explosion-proof on/off type, explosion-proof regulating type;

6.Intelligent regulating type: input signal 4-20mA, 1-5V, 0-10V; output signal: 4-20mA, 1-5V, 0-10V;

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